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Recruitment positions:

Text Editor 1

Requirements and responsibilities:
1. Men and women are not limited, a degree, Chinese, Chinese language or journalism major, with relevant work experience is preferred!
2. Be responsible for drafting, auditing and producing enterprise documents and written materials, including project proposals, management system, editors of internal journals, news writing of enterprise websites, publicity window editors, etc.
3. Have relevant post knowledge, skills and learning ability;
4. Strong logical analysis ability and problem solving ability, good writing and expression ability;
5. Good at communication and coordination, strong organizational and managerial abilities, and strong execution;
6. Good teamwork spirit, honest and reliable person, correct conduct.

One cathode technician

Requirements for employment:
1. No limitation for men and women, one or more degree, major in vacuum devices, chemistry, material physics, etc.
2. Professional knowledge of cathode manufacturing, familiar with cathode manufacturing process and technical requirements.
Job responsibilities:
1. Ability to analyze the influence of cathode quality on the performance of vacuum electronic devices;
2. Have a certain understanding of the manufacture of vacuum electronic devices, responsible for the analysis of the quality of various cathodes;
3. Mainly responsible for the production technology and development of cathode and filament.

One klystron technician

Requirements for employment:
1. No limitation for men and women, one or more degree, major in electronic information science and technology, applied physics, electric vacuum, etc.
2. Understanding klystron manufacturing related expertise.
Job responsibilities:
1. Have a certain understanding of the performance indicators and working parameters of klystrons;
2. Familiar with the technical requirements of klystron application, and be able to design and develop the scheme according to the working principle of klystron.
3. Be responsible for the development and design of klystron, and have the ability to put forward adjustment plan in peacetime work.

801 Design and Technology 2

Requirements for employment:
Not limited to men and women, one or more degree, major in quantum mechanics, atomic physics, electronics or material physics.
Job responsibilities:
Participate in scientific research activities involving the specialty of the school, and be responsible for the research and development of military projects.

Four Vacuum Switch Tube Product Technicians

Requirements for employment:
Men and women are not limited, bachelors degree, major in electrical vacuum, mechanical automation or physical electronics, surface treatment, inorganic chemical industry.
Job responsibilities:
Responsible for the development and manufacture of vacuum switch product design.

One Electrical Technician

Requirements for employment:
Male, Bachelor degree, major in Electrical Technology, Electrical Manufacturing, Electrical Automation, etc.
Job responsibilities:
Responsible for the design and development of high and low voltage switchgear and distribution equipment

Four Foreign Trade Sales

1. Men and women are not limited, bachelors degree, Korean, Russian, English major, cheerful personality;
2. Experience in foreign trade sales is preferred.
Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the foreign trade sales of vacuum switch tubes and electrical products.
2. Ability to understand foreign language materials and communicate with foreign customers on a daily basis.

Four regional salesmen

Requirements for employment:
1. Male, technical secondary school or above, with good language skills and quick thinking;
2. Open-minded, good at interpersonal coordination and communication; good team spirit.
Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the development and sales of product market pipelines, and implement and complete the companys annual sales plan;
2. According to the companys marketing strategy, expand the sales of products in the area under its responsibility, and actively complete the sales volume target;
3. Keep good communication with customers and grasp customersneeds immediately.
4. Deal with the negotiation of the contract terms and the signing of the contract in the course of the sale of the companys products.

Wage treatment:
Probation period: 2000-2600 yuan/month.
After correction: 2200-3200 yuan/month.
Masters salary should be handled individually according to the specific situation, and should be between 3500 and 5000 yuan per month.

Fringe benefits:
1. After signing the employment agreement, you can come to our company for internship at any time. After graduation, you can sign a formal labor contract. The probation period (including internship time) is three months.
2. Sign a formal labor contract within one month, deal with old-age insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance and maternity insurance, and the employees in the internship period will buy accident injury insurance wholly by the company.
3. Implement a comprehensive vacation system according to the provisions of the state (which can enjoy paid vacation systems such as marriage leave, maternity leave, work-related injury leave, funeral leave, sick leave, etc.).
4. Free apartment accommodation (water and electricity self-care), 4 people/room, TV, water heater, air conditioning, washing machine, kitchen, etc.
5. Holiday benefits (Dragon Boat Festival, Womens Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, etc.);
6. Punctually award the year-end bonus before the Spring Festival. After one years work, the salary will be raised once a year at the end of the year.

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E-mail: [email protected]
Company Address: No. 257, 4404, Mayor Zheng Road, Xiaogan City, Hubei Province
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