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Enterprise Chronicle

December 13, 2006, Hubei Han Technology Co., Ltd. registered. Registered capital of 150 million yuan. 
October 18, 2006, Xiaogan City of Hubei Peoples Government and the Industry and Trade Group Co., Ltd. signed Huitong "Han photovoltaic plant on the state-owned property rights transfer agreement." 
In February 2006, Comrade Kui, was awarded the "2005 National Defense Science and Technology of Hubei Province industrially advanced individual" title. 
In February 2006, the factory was named "2005 National Defense Science and Technology of Hubei Province advanced industrial units." 
In 2002, the factory quality system adopted by Chinas new era of Quality System Certification Center GJB9001A-2001 and ISO9000-2000 quality system certification.
In 2002, Wang Cai comrades were "in Hubei Province of advanced defense industry worker" title. 
December 21, 2001, the Central Political Bureau, member of the Hubei provincial party secretary Yu Zhengsheng visited our factory. 
November 1, 1999, an alternate member of the Central Political Bureau, State Councilor Wu Yi visited our factory. 
September 5, 1997, factories and Germanys Siemens signed in Beijing discharge Venture Project, the establishment of Siemens Vacuum Electron Devices Co., Ltd. [later renamed EPCOS Electronics (Xiaogan) Limited].