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Enterprise idea

Entrepreneurial spirit
Integrity, rigorous, hard work, innovation. 
Honesty: Prudential to be all over the world, credit guaranteed. Honesty and trustworthiness is the companys code of ethics. 
Strict: strict and meticulous, careful science. Meticulous style of doing things is the company. 
Work: do something tangible. Pragmatic and work hard to advocate the quality of the company. 
Innovation: the development of new products, create new value. Continuous innovation is the driving force for development. 

Core values 
Work together and create value. 
Work together: The enterprise group activity thing is, we need to do together. We are willing to and from all walks of life with friends, in the Han Kuang technology this platform to conduct a joint scientific research, production and business activities, we do things together, along with career. 
Create value: The enterprise is multi-stakeholder community, we need to work together, help each other and work together to create a variety of value to the companys assets value, increase social wealth, career value of the embodiment of the value of life may be raised. 

Work style 
The company as the cause of things to do. 
Hankuang technology the most serious stresses. 
Serious work, strive for perfection. 
Intention to do so meticulous precision. 
Conscientiously do a good job in everything. 
Things I want to carve and polish clear, you have to realize truth. 
Task is to command, to be responsible in the end, until completion. 
Encounter problems, a recovery in the end. 
Not passing, no complaints, in the face of reality, and solve the problem, one by one letter. 
Focus on dealing with the matter. 
Endure extraordinary. 
In doing things to learn. In doing things to improve. 

Staff Relations 
Will depend on all our work, the development by the team. 
A problem, first check their own. 
Respect for colleagues. 
One person was in trouble, we help. 
Advocated a simple, harmonious working atmosphere.