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Company logo

Carrying the pursuit of dreams and the Han

-- an interpretation of corporate image

Square seal with a blue light, a stone carving of traditional Chinese characters, coupled with the "Han" phonetic alphabet or an enterprise name, the composition of the Hanguang image logo.
Seal, represents the credit, is rigorous, authoritative, authentic symbol. Square seal appears to be correct, robust, with a sense of history. The seal in the ancient times, the general use of precious metal and jade carving, is noble and heavy. Seal graphics to express the enterprise to pursue integrity, pay attention to norms, and seriously responsible for the business philosophy, reflecting the enterprise more than 40 years of history and create a hundred years of enterprise, establish a high quality and high grade of the pursuit.
In the "Han carved seal graphics", has rich meaning.
Han Dynasty, is the first in the history of China is very advanced and powerful Dynasty, after more than 400 years (206 BC - ad 220). The Han Dynasty is one of the few advanced countries in the world at that time. Paper art, Hun Tianyi, porcelain firing, the Silk Road and other ancient Chinese brilliant achievements are from the Han dynasty. Because of the unity of the Han Dynasty, developed, prosperous and strong, forming a forceful, bold, vastness, honest spirit of Han Dynasty, "Han" has become on behalf of the peoples Republic of China, the nation, such as Han, Chinese characters, Chinese, Hanfu. Selection of "Chinese" as a part of the company logo, reflects the enterprise to create a representative of China, the Chinese nations first-class enterprise positioning and pursuit.
Chinese, but also the core of the company name. Peer manufacturers have Baoguang, Yu Guang, Matt, Shin Kong and so on, we are han.
Han, also represents the location of the enterprise. The company is located in Hubei Han sea, in Wuhan city circle.
Xiaozhuan font is selected in the graphics seal of "Chinese", is because of the early Han Dynasty official script is Xiaozhuan, Han seal the main font is Xiaozhuan. It has robust, rigorous, classical Chinese artistic charm, spread for thousands of years, with long life. Rounded lines and simple carving, with modern texture.
Seal of color, the selection of the representative of the high-tech, innovation, progress of the blue.
Blue background to add a sense of light, implied that the enterprise belongs to the photovoltaic industry, the meaning of the enterprises bright prospects.
HAN is the phonetic alphabet of "Han". Can also be considered as a syllable in the English alphabet. 3 letters, simple and clear, easy to identify and spread.
The companys name is Han. With the development of the company, after the Hanguang science and technology, Hanguang lighting, but also the formation of "Han Kuang sequence, such as Hanguang electric, Hanguang Machinery, Hanguang ceramics etc., to adapt to the needs of enterprise development and growth.
The strategic positioning of the Han, is a hundred years to build high-tech enterprises. Company logo atmosphere, sound, carrying a wealth of rich content, reflecting the business philosophy and values.
Flag is a banner, high flying with the dream of the enterprise.
Logo is a kind of faith, reflecting the companys tireless pursuit.
Make our dreams come true!
Let our pursuit of eternity!