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    HanGuang equipment company main production and operation of electronic equipment, including high power pulse modulator, vacuum equipment, discharge tube production, test, PTC test, test equipment, test equipment, high power waveguide etc.. The products are widely used in the fields of electric vacuum device manufacturing, communication equipment detection, microwave energy application and scientific research.
    High power waveguide components Hanguang equipment production company, a leading position in china.
    Waveguide components are widely used in various accelerators, plasma equipment, microwave, satellite, radar, communication, medical equipment, television transmission and other high technical fields.
    HanGuang equipment company with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, University of Science and Technology of China, Wuhan University and other domestic famous scientific research institutes and the application of microwave energy to customers to establish a good partnership between supply and demand. The products are also exported to South Korea, France, Italy, Brazil, Australia and other places.

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